The End of Tenancy Cleaning: Dishwasher’s Dos and DON’Ts

Not long ago you understood that your rent agreement is coming to an end and you will have to perform something called end of tenancy cleaning before you could move out. In that time you didn’t what it is like or more specifically how serious it is. Not long thereafter, however, you realized that this is a lot more than a simple cleaning. it is a deeper clean-up that should bring the accommodation in the condition you found it in, when you came in this house for the first time. And right when you realized this, you panicked and almost passed out. So now before the arrival of the professional team, of one of the best London’s cleaners, you are trying to cope with some serious problems like the dishwasher. Thankfully, here is what you should and should NOT do.

DO: pre-wash the dishes and wash the dishwasher


I know that it is way easier to simply gather all the dirt dishes and out put them in the machine. No preparation, no efforts. However, this habit could lead to a dishwasher in an awful condition. For this reason, please go through the plates with warm water first. And if you have missed that significant step, don’t forget to remove the food leftovers thereafter and to clean the dishwasher with simple liquid dish soap.

DON’T: start from the top

Never unload from top to bottom. Too often the detergent could leave traces on the top of the plates on the top. This is not big deal. But if you start taking them out first, the water with detergents will be spilled and if it hits the bottom of the dishwasher it will make a charming stain. It is nothing that could not be removed, but you will need time and energy and you better save those.

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