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Clean house in 20 min: Action Plan

Clean house in 20 min: Action Plan

The messy and dirty house is irritating more than getting stuck. The happiness of the arranged house does not last long. Few households are able to maintain order and cleanliness. Normally there is no trace of two days after the big cleaning.

The only way to keep a clean home is the everyday work. If we do not have a maid and leave the housework for Saturday and Sunday, it means that at least on one of the weekends we have to forget the plans to walk or go out with friends. I do not have a maid but once a month use the services of  “The Fulham Cleaners”. See the contact of the agency.

In order to keep our home clean and tidy for a long time, without exaggerating, we offer an action plan according to which we can make the house shine. The idea is that we can fine-tune our apartment if we set aside 20 minutes a day. The only condition is that we have to be consistent and not miss a day.

Image of bucketDay 1. Clean the living room and kitchen – pick up the scattered objects, wipe the dust off and take a vacuum cleaner.

Day 2. The bathroom and the closets. Clean the mirrors, the washbasin, the toilet bowl, the floor, the walls.

Day 3. Bedrooms. Gather the toys, collect the scattered clothes, wipe the dust.

Day 4. Service spaces, basements and terraces.

Day 5. The hall and kitchen.

Day 6. Bathroom and toilet.

Day 7. Wash the windows, mirrors and picture glasses. It also happens without a special preparation – with newspapers, cloth, soapy water and water with vinegar.

Day 8. Rinse the vacuum cleaner. Clean the whole house absolutely.

Day 9. Clean the bedrooms.

Day 10. Basic cleaning of the living room – with dust and floor cleaning.

Day 11. Bathroom and toilet.

Day 12. Arrange the wardrobes. This can take more than 20 minutes, but it will be easier for you after you do it once.

Day 13. Service spaces.

Day 14. Basic cleaning of the bedrooms – arrangement of drawers, wardrobes, cleaning under the beds, cleaning of the dust, floor washing and lighting fixtures.

Day 15. Fix the living room and the kitchen.

Day 16. Basic cleaning of bathroom and toilet.

Day 17. Wash door handles, phone, remote, lamp keys, etc.

Day 18. Order the refrigerator.

Day 19. Clean the entrance, the corridors and the front door basically.Image of wipe

Day 20, 21 and 22 – repeat tasks for 1st, 2nd and 3rd days.

Day 23. Vacuum cleaner on all floors.

Day 24. Arrange the sheets, towels and sheets.

Day 25. There is a turn to the living room and the kitchen.

Day 26. Basic cleaning of the kitchen – dirty stoves, crusty surfaces, dusty jars, and so on.

Day 27. Cleaning the bathroom and toilet.

Day 28. Arrangement of bedrooms.

Day 29. Take on something that you have been postponing for a long time – to wash the stove or something that has sharpened your eyes for a long time, and you do not find when to finish it.

Day 30. Vacuum cleaner on all floors.

If you get tired of just reading this list, we remind you that you really need to set aside just 20 minutes a day.


4 surprising uses of toothpaste for home cleaning

4 surprising uses of toothpaste for home cleaning

I love homemade detergents and constantly try different recipes. Typically, household cleats for cleaning require special ingredients. Today I want to share the 4 things in the home that can easily and quickly clear with a toothpaste. I know these great hints from Tunbridge Wells end of tenancy cleaners.


  1. Polishing of scratched discs and screens

Image of disk


Apply a small amount of toothpaste directly onto the scratch on the disc. Take a piece of cotton and lightly scrub the scratch. Rinse the paste with water and dry the disc thoroughly. With this trick, you can also polish light scratches on your phone screen, on your TV and computer monitor, and even on glass.


  1. Remove stains from water from wooden furniture

If you are wondering how to clean fingerprints from a wet cup on wooden furniture, you can easily remove it by

Image of cup


applying a toothpaste on the exact outline of the stain. If you are wondering how to clean fingerprints from a wet cup on wooden furniture, you can easily remove it by applying a toothpaste on the exact outline of the stain.

Wait for 5 minutes and gently rub the paste on the fingerprint. Wipe with a damp cloth and dry the kitchen paper.


  1. Cleaning of stains on white fabrics

Image of shirt


If you drop a white shirt or blanket and do not have a stain preparation, just apply a small amount of toothpaste on the spatula and wait for 3-4 minutes. Then wipe the towel with a napkin. Take a clean towel, soak it, and lightly “tap” the place where the toothpaste was.


  1. Removing a permanent marker from a wood

Lubricate generously the stain from the marker with a toothpaste and start rubbing the place with a wet cloth or

Image of marker


sponge without pushing a lot. Strong friction with toothpaste can damage the coating of the wood. To clean the permanent marker completely, you will need between 5 and 10 minutes, a slight but continuous scrubbing. Once the last remnants of the stain disappear, wipe the toothpaste from the tree and dry thoroughly. Although it takes more time, the method works flawlessly.