Scientists Prove: Cleaning Reduces the Levels of Stress

Cleaning is believed to be one of the most annoying and unpleasant duties in the entire world. You hate it. Everyone hates it. However, recent research showed that while cleaning, you are calmer and less stressful, so now you can’t help, but wonder, how so? How could a thing that you prefer not to do help you? And aren’t you more nervous and tense after a day spent cleaning up? Obviously, not. And believe me, the explanation is super logical.lamp-432248_640

In most of the time, we are stressful because of the mess in our lives. There is always something that bothers us. It could be the unfairness at work, the bad attitude of the colleague you behave so well with. It could be way more personal. You could be disappointed by your relationship. You could be absolutely exhausted by the time you have to spend taking care of your kids. It could be anything. And most often those things that make you anxious could not be changed so easily. So here you are, not being able to make yourself feeling better. You have no clue what you have to do now. And right here comes the cleaning part.

Seriously? In that time, when you are thinking of anything of the household, you should be cleaning? That sounds insane. But in the reality, while you are sorting some physical aspects of your life, you are subconsciously sorting the mental ones, as well. This means that while you are cleaning, decluttering, organising every little bit in your house, you are getting calmer because you believe that just like you can cope with the physical mess, you will be able to cope with any other one. So don’t hesitate and start cleaning, when you need to reduce the stress next time. More cleaning tips from SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning agency here.